Operation & Maintenace

  • Operation and Maintenance of Distribution Pipeline Networks and their Facilities (Maintenance and Monitoring of Pipeline Networks, Inspection & Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems, Inspection & Maintenance of MRS, Inspection & Maintenance of Gas Stations, Management of Operational Disturbances, Operations Support Service Providers).

  • Gas Pipeline Repair Work and Facilities (Painting Valves, MRS, Painting Gas Pipeline Bridges, Replacement of Spare parts, Repair of Valve Body and others).

  • Operation and maintenance of facilities: onshore receiving facilities (ORF), equipment and facilities

  • Network operation and maintenance: offshore pipeline, nearshore pipeline, mooring system supervision, including all assets installed in the network.

  • Monthly operation & maintenance reports.

  • Unplanned and emergency work: work due to or requested by a third party and work resulting from recommendations that are major in nature and must be followed up immediately